Special offer of backpacks Enrico Benetti and Spear

Backpacks Enrico Benetti

Sportbags, Ladiesbags, Wallets, Pencilboxes

Backpacks for school and free time

Primary school program

Secondary school program Spear

Wallets for young people and pencil cases


-business bags, backpacks, sportbags

-pens (etui)

-other items(sacks,etui for key,calculaters,maniquires,clocks,umbrellas,vests,jackts,windbreaker,scarfs )

-summer items

-spread offer bussniss gifts basic

-spread offer bussniss gifts luxury

BUSSINES GIFTS desktop calendars, wall calendars, muffs

-bussines three month calendar
-bussines three month with spiral
-bussines four month
-bussines table planer
-table calendar lying
-table calendar upright
-bussniss muffs
- Slovenija 2010 (33x48cm) - 2,8€-Shores 2010 (48x33cm) - 3,15€-Slovenian mountains 2010 (48x33cm) - 2,9€
-waters in Slovenia 2010 (33x48cm) - 2,9€
-Europe 2009 (33x48cm) - 3,15€
-Dream travel 2010 (46x59cm) - 7,89€
-Impresioniste art 2010 (46x59cm) - 7,89€
-Chase 2010 (48x33cm) - 2,9€
-Dream girls 2010 (46x59cm) - 7,89€-Horses 2010 (44x34cm) - 2,9€

Order instruction:

Send order by email o fax we wil send you of desired articel.For your order we need your tax number and  addres of your firm.  If you are interested for articles as fisical person you can send as you addres, tax numer by email or post. We will send you price of desired articels by post or mail.If you will confirm as price and pay we wil send you desired articles by post.